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Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Oracle Federal Financials Operation and Maintenance (O&M), DME, and upgrade Support   PRIME VENDOR
Provided the FDA support for General Ledger reconciliation, Oracle Accounts Receivable, Cash Management, IPAC, and DocView custom module. From which the FDA benefited with a timely A-123 and Cash Management monthly reconciliation support services, reduced the cycle time for report delivery, and increased the ability to meet external legislative and executive branch guidance for budgeting reporting. For a complete list of the benefits our work provided, request for a case study here
PMIS Sunflower Property Management System Implementation   PRIME VENDOR
Implemented the HHS wide Sunflower Property Management Information System (PMIS) at the FDA. Our support services included: data conversion, business process design, testing, quality assurance, implementation, production support, UFMS interface support, and Help Desk services.
Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Pilot   PRIME VENDOR   Agency Wide Implementation
We performed as the Prime to support the FDA's Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) planning, development, testing, and implementation, as part of FDA’s vision for Enterprise Reporting.
MDUFMA/User Fees: Oracle Federal Financials Implementation
The FDA was required to implement a system to administer user fee transactions in accordance with the Medical Device User Fee Modernization Act (MDUFMA). The FDA Office of Financial Management was to obtain and store the applicant data, bill the customers, receive and apply the payments, track the remaining receivables, integrate Oracle Federal Financials with their accounting legacy system, and provide financial reports of MDUFMA activities. We entered as a subcontractor under a prime to work to develop, implement, support, and maintain the FDA’s User Fee system.
Our consultants designed the FDA COA and SOB as per accounting needs, implemented a Multi Fund Account Receivables (MFAR) for Receivables, Receipts and Adjustments; implemented an auto-invoice with Multi Batches and Transaction code functionalities; provided the technical architecture, instance management design and implementation. For this projects, or consultants used the Oracle Application Methodology (AIM). To see the full list of performed tasks, request for a case study here

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

International Space Station Dynamics Control Analysis IDIQ   PRIME VENDOR
AIS was recently awarded a prime contract to provide Design Analysis Cycle (DAC) support and Verification Analysis Cycle (VAC) support services to NASA in support of the International Space Station (ISS). The DAC process characterizes vehicle design through analysis of functionality, resource utilization & performance capability. The work scope focuses on characterization of Guidance, Navigation and Control Development (GN&C) development that may be viewed as PDR/CDR level analysis (evolutionary in nature) or "special" analysis and case studies analyzing anomalies reported during operations and the impact of new vehicle components, such as the European ATV.
The VAC process verifies design requirements for each assembly stage and resembles DAC in terms of content and method. VAC focuses on verification of segment and system specification level requirements on an increment by increment basis and is dependent on operational requirements and vehicle configuration (as opposed to evolutionary vehicle design analysis).

The DAC and VAC processes are done using Symbolic Generator-Based Efficient Multibody Dynamics Algorithm (SOMBAT) software. SOMBAT is an algorithmic program used to simulate the dynamics of multiple bodies with large articulating angles in orbit that enables speedy and accurate computations that solve equations of motion of multiple bodies. SOMBAT has an open and expandable format and reduces computation time without sacrificing accuracy and facilitates shorter turnaround time for requirements analysis.

AIS is responsible for SOMBAT development, update and maintenance and does the following work:
  • Implements change requests and validate implementation
  • Develops and maintains subsystem models
    • Controllers, vehicles, environmental models, etc.
    • Updates ISS USOS FSW and SSRMS FSW to enable execution of these models
    • Performs periodic flight reconstruction to validate simulation models
  • Supports and trains users of SOMBAT
  • Provides SOMBAT software configuration management in accordance with the NASA Software Assurance Standard
IT Security  Agency Wide Implementation
We performed the key IT security to NASAs public portal (www.nasa.gov), intranet (insidenasa.nasa.gov), and several Agency-wide Web applications including the NASA Access Launchpad (Web application Single Sign-On solution), NASA IPTA/PIA Repository (Initial Privacy Threshold Analysis and Privacy Impact Assessment), NASA Spacebook (social networking site), and NASA FOIA (public and intranet Freedom Of Information Act portal).We conducted FISMA Certification and Accreditation (C&A), Software Security Assurance and Ethical hacking activities,revised security test plans, conducted security testing and source code analysis, and created security hardening procedures which were based on NASA guidance and CIS benchmarks.
Web Application Security  Agency Wide Implementation
We were part of an endeavor to establish an agency-wide web application security and compliance program. We provided web application security training and educational content for NASA users, developers, web-masters, and other web application stakeholders. Future aspects of a web application security program may include enumerating and classifying all web applications, securing the web application environment, software security assurance, detecting and remediating vulnerabilities in deployed applications, and changes to policy and procedures to support the overall goals of the program.

Peace Corps

Odyssey 11i Oracle Federal Financials O&M Odyssey System Support   PRIME VENDOR
We performed as the Prime on the O&M site support for the Odyssey Oracle Federal Financial System. The support we provided included General Ledger management, budget management, funds control management, procurements, Contracts and Purchase Card Management, fixed assets, property management, payment and receipt management, and, cost management. We alsp worked with Peace Corps for upgrade of RICE Components to Release 12.
Odyssey 11i Oracle Federal Financials Upgrade
Perform as the Prime DBA for Oracle Federal Financials and OFHR upgrade to 11.5.10. We performed all of the DBA related activities including creating "cook books" for employees to perform the upgrade later, provided technical and functional analysis for extensive customization, provided support, and developed step by step documentation for upgrade of Oracle Federal Financials and RICE components.

BAE Systems (L&A)

BAE Systems had to implement Oracle Financials and third party products like ProPricer, Hyperion, Autotime, ClearOrbit and Feith to have a fully functional system to fulfill its business needs. This solution included Single-Signon (SSO), Discoverer, Portal, iSupplier in DMZ, Bar Code Printing and scanning, Document imaging and workflow, etc. BAE Systems also required Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions.

AIS worked on the BAE team to implement Oracle Financials integrated with Single Sign ON (SSO), Oracle Internet Directory (OID), Discoverer on a Sum Solaris SPARC (64-bit) system, which was configured on a 4 node RAC database and shared Appl_top with 3 admin and form nodes. The team implemented Parallel Concurrent Processing (PCP) on concurrent manager nodes, configured iSupplier on a DMZ server, implemented centralized Advance Schedule and Planning (ASCP).

OBIEE Implementation:
Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) was implemented as a technical solution to replace the current Discoverer platform and used the product to create an Executive Leadership Team (ELT) dashboard that reports organization wide metrics for all of USCS at BAE Systems. AIS worked as a team member to implement OBIEE in 2 node Cluster configurations along with OIM, Web Logic, SSO and other components in all three environments.

The team also implemented SSO, installed and implemented Fusion MiddleWare, which included: Web Logic, Oracle identity manager, Oracle internet directory, Oracle virtual directory, oracle directory manager and directory integration platform and OBIEE. All the while working on implementing security in OBIEE on both the OID Level and at RPD Levels.

Implemented Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions using Data Guard to meet BAE Systems requirements. Eventually, Netapp was implemented to meet Backup/Recovery and Business Continuity requirements using snapshots to reduce recovery time.

Performed on data migration to new servers.

Currently working on release 12 upgrade project for BAE Systems.


AIS supports full procurement and grants life-cycle from advanced acquisition/grant planning, all the way through contract/grant closeout. The activities are performed per the applicable federal and SBA policies, procedures, and guidance. AIS provides functional and technical support for SBA’s PRISM-CMS Environment including:

Operational and maintenance (O&M)
  • Migration and Upgrade Services
    • Server Migration
      • Migrated from Microsoft Server 2003 to Microsoft Server 2008
      • Migrated to a different location to a new Data Center
    • Database Upgrade and Administration
      • Upgrade from Prism Database version to version
  • Helpdesk Support
    • Provide Tier 2 and Tier 3 user support/help desk services
    • User account management services
    • Problem response and resolution services
  • Application Enhancement Support
    • Provide and maintain a secure hosting environment with latest certified PRISM-CMS software, security patches, and software updates and upgrades to database, and application tiers
  • Disaster Recovery, Contingency Planning, and Continuity of Operations Support
    • Database administration and application management services for maintaining an alternate processing site that is geographically separate from the primary site
    • Monitor and ensure DR sync
    • Ability to switch the operations to the alternate site within 48 hours of a declared disaster with no more than one hour of data loss
    • Semi-annual disaster/contingency plan testing as per SBA policy
    • Security incident management including
      • Root cause analysis
      • Testing of corrective actions

Department of Labor

Oracle Federal Financials Fixed Asset Implementation, Eproperty Management System (Department wide Implementation)
The Department of Labor (DOL) was required to implement it's Property Management System implementation. Bearing Point (BP) was contracted to develop and implement a Personal Property System for the entire Department of Labor. Our major tasks included: extracting the CIP and Capital Assets data from legacy systems and loaded them into Oracle Assets using the Mass Addition Interface, use the merge, split, adjustment feature of Mass Addition Interface before converting the assets into Oracle Assets, setup the Oracle Asset for a physical inventory check, setup the Retirement Functionality and the Oracle Assets to run the depreciation for flat rate method and also for units of production method, provided an interface for extracting the accounting data from Oracle Assets and General Ledger for their legacy financial system. We successfully helped BP to implementation of Oracle Federal Financial System. In summary, our major tasks included data conversion, set up functionality, customization, and interface design.
Our team held the leaderships positions of Technical Manager, Lead Application DBA and FA Functional on this project. Our consultants designed and implemented the technical infrastructure and provided all technical support on patching/cloning and application installation. We provided all Backup and Recovery planning for the DOL and provided all technical support on this project. To see the full list of performed tasks, request for a case study here

Department of Home Land Security

eMerge2(Electronically managing enterprise resources for government effectiveness and efficiency)
The eMerge2 Program scope focuses on an Enterprise Wide Resource Management Solution that provides: core capabilities for budget and strategic planning, accounting and reporting, acquisition and grants, asset management, and cost and revenue performance management. Our enterprise services included: enterprise portal services, business automation services, business intelligence services, enterprise integration services, enterprise security services. The solution was built on a strategic Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to enable the vision of One DHS. The team was lead by Bearing Point and included BEA Systems, Booz, Allen & Hamilton, Deloitte Consulting, GCE, HP,LCM) and others.
Our consulants were part of the Pre and Post Sale Effort; worked closely with partners to help them install, upgrade and maintain products; they also provided support to all technical and functional teams on the eMerge2 project.

Department of Health & Human Services

United Financial Management System (UFMS)
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) had a requirement for the implementation of Oracle Federal Financials software to replace the current financial system at all operating divisions of the DHHS, except for CMS. The implementation consisted of the design, implementation and maintenance of a modern, comprehensive and responsive core financial management system. This system provided critical strategic support for the mission as the solution for the departmental operational and reporting requirements that support accountability and improved decision making.
Our team manages and coordinated the execution of Integrated Business Processes (IBPs) and Application Tests, coordinated issue resolution, reviewed and developed appropriate action plans, executed test cases and ensured accurate execution of scripts. To see the full list of performed tasks, request for a case study here.

United States Postal Service

APEX (Accounts Payable Excellence
APEX was a new project which went underway to replace the previous accounts payable sustem known as APARS. The Non-payroll payments by the USPS, a total of about $13 billion annually, and the new system would combine into one. The new accounts payable (A/P) system is part of the Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) financial suite the USPS implemented that included the general ledger, assets and the accounts receivable systems. This web-based system helped to streamline the work processes, eliminate duplicate data, improve reporting capability and efficiency, and automate data entry and collection.
AIS provided the technical consultants on this project, who created the technical design of all custom developed and enhanced reports. Our consultants were also responsible for all the necessary setup tasks for reports and custom concurrent programs (for reports), and provided all training support and documentation needed to train users. To see the full list of performed tasks, request for a case study here.

Department of Interior (Park Service) Presidio Trust

Oracle 11i Federal Financials Upgrade
The Presidio Trust had implemented Oracle Federal Financials, implemented by Bearing Point. The Presidio Trust was using Oracle Federal Financials 11.5.3 with a Oracle 8.1.7 database. Bearing Point had entered into a contractual agreement with The Presidio Trust to upgrade the Client’s Oracle Financial System to 11.5.9 with Oracle database. Presidio Trust had also added new hardware and required hardware migration as part of the contract. We completely upgraded Presidio Trust's Oracle Federal Financials for Bearing Point.
Our team held the Lead Oracle Application DBA position for this project. Our consultants completed and documented the entire Application Upgrade process and cloned the instance after the application upgrade. Our consultants prepared the hardware migration plan with no adverse effect on production availability and minimum downtime. AIS has performed hardware migration and database migration to new servers. AIS has also developed business continuity, backup and recovery procedures. To see the full list of performed tasks, request for a case study here

Department of Energy

Stars I-Manage Project
The Standard Accounting and Reporting System (STARS) provided the DOE with a modern, comprehensive, and responsive financial management system that became the foundation for the linking budget formulation, budget execution, financial accounting, financial reporting, cost accounting and performance measurements. Stars planned to accommodate an accounting system design that fully supported a data warehouse which linked common data elements from all of the corporate business systems.

AIS teamed with anything consulting company and provided Technical Consultants. Our consultants worked on interfaces, conversions, reports, enhancements and reports design and documentation.

Department of Treasury

AIS was the first to install and implement RIM for Federal Project at the Department. Of Treasury. This resulted in a Cost Effective and a higher ROI. AIS was trained by HP to install and implement RIM Products of HP ( OuterBay).

Department of Education (DOED)

FSA/FMS Project Support
We teamed with our partner to provide our technical expertise in order to enhance and support Federal Student Aid (FSA) and Financial Management Systems (FMS) Project. Our responsibilities included production support, operations, and development.

National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)

Oracle Federal Financials Implementation Prime Vendor
We teamed with our partner to provide our technical expertise in order to enhance and support Federal Student Aid (FSA) and Financial Management Systems (FMS) Project. Our responsibilities included production support, operations, and development.